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Skier Legs Level III
6 Weeks
18 Sessions
26 Videos
Equipment Needed: Gym

Skier Legs Level III is a beast of a program. It picks up where Skier Legs Level II leaves off. However, this program significantly reduces exercise quantity and volume to allow for larger strength gains over the 6 weeks. This program is not meant for advanced lifters, those that have completed Level I and II, and finally skiers who have the time between sessions to properly recover. Your legs will feel like rock solid tree trunks after this program!

If you're wondering why there are still upper body strength exercises in here, it's important to remember that the body works as a unit, not in isolation. So if you want your legs to get strong, your upper body needs to follow.

Following Week 6, there are three days of testing which you should separate by at least one day each. Record your attempts and take your best attempt as your 3 rep max total. Remember, form is crucial so only progress if the previous load felt safe.