Considering 1:1 Coaching?

Currently, The Ski System has 1:1 Virtual Coaching availability.

Through this customized process, The Ski System founder, Abe Maynard, will walk you through a one hour movement screen, fitness assessment, and several performance evaluations. Following the assessment you and Abe will deep dive into your lifestyle habits and goals as they pertain to life and skiing.

With the collection of this data, Abe will construct a unique ski-specific strength and conditioning program to get you to your goals. You will then train together virtually through your program.

Although Virtual Coaching is new to the market, here’s what a few skiers have said about their experience:

“Working with The Ski System has connected what I do in the gym and what I do on snow more than I’ve ever experienced before. Creating the best preparation for the winter season”

Isabelle Hannsen
Dutch Halfpipe Skier, Netherlands

“I wish I had found Abe and The Ski System sooner! I love working with Abe, he has so much knowledge of what it takes to get a body strong for skiing. He is able to effectively translate that knowledge into a program that keeps me motivated, challenged and getting stronger. This season is going to rock.”

Brandy K
Bogus Basin, ID

“The Ski System is a one of a kind program. From the one on one assessment to my custom plan based on available equipment and personalized feedback, my progress is apparent both on and off snow.”

Dan L.
Crested Butte, CO

“Abe's virtual coaching is perfect for an athlete like me for a couple of reasons:

1 - It’s hard to find trustworthy trainers who know ski-specific exercises and really understand the type of skiing I do. Abe understands skiing at the highest level because he has skied at the highest level himself. Abe knows how to stomp a landing, and understands the body mechanics of a cork 7 because he can do a cork 720.

2 - Virtual coaching can be done from anywhere - I'm headed to Austria next month and can follow my specific program from there or from anywhere”

Jake Cohn
Sponsored Athlete and Founder of The Locals Sale, Telluride, CO